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Following your initial contact by phone or email, we will schedule a first 50-minute session during which we will get to know each other.



We will be seated face to face, and you will have space to tell me what brings you there, express your expectations. I will actively participate and tell you how the way I work, let you know my therapeutic approach, and answer your questions. It will be an opportunity for us to discover each other, to see if we can continue and establish a therapeutic relationship of trust over time.


This first session is non-binding. After this moment of exchange we will make a status: you will tell me if you want to continue with me at the end of the interview or you will call me later if you want to think, or meet other therapists before making a decision.


If we continue together we will make a status after 4 sessions to check that it is still good, in which case we will engage together in a therapeutic journey. It is necessary to come every week at the beginning in order to consolidate the therapeutic relationship


Following sessions will also last 50 minutes. During these sessions we will establish a dialogue during which you will have most of the space while I will intervene to provide clarification, to share my experience, my observations or some feedback on the situation that you share with me.


I resonate emotionally too, because if I am involved in the intellectual understanding of what you share with me I live above all a moment during which I go through emotions that amplify my listening, emotions and sensations. I can then return them to you to enrich your way of perceiving yourself and of perceiving what is playing out between us.

During therapy sessions, the time space sometimes seems to get longer compared to everyday life. Sessions are a time for yourself during which you take the time to step aside from situations, to observe them differently, to "unfold" them to better assimilate them. The meaning of my interventions will be to allow you to become more aware of the way you operate, and to open up new perspectives that arise from taking responsibility from one's actions.



My practice is located at 10 rue Bréguet, Paris 11ème.

It is a shared practice which contains a central space with a sofa in which you can sit while waiting for the start of the session.

It is well served by public transport, near lines 1, 5, 8, and 9.


I will provide you with all the useful indications to come before our first session.

My profile - as well as that of my fellow therapist colleagues at Espace Breguet - can be viewed here.


I have a basic rate for the sessions, which corresponds to the costs I incur and the income necessary to make a living from my activity.

The topic of the cost of therapy often arises, and if your means are limited there are still ways to access therapy.

On the one hand the price of the therapy can be modulated by the frequency of the sessions, it can indeed change over the course of therapy. On the other hand we can discuss the price of the sessions according to your means if necessary, during the first interview.

Finally if you are in great financial difficulty you should be aware that 3 associations offer psychotherapy sessions at very modest prices or even free of charge: la Traverséel'APSOS and les Psys du Cœur.


Absences and the end of therapy are part of my usual framework, which I will share with you during our first session.



Furthermore, when you feel it will be fair for you to end your therapy, I request to take 2 sessions to discuss the issues related to it. It is a very important part of the therapeutic process which must be given sufficient time to fully assimilate the past therapy experience.


I am committed to respecting the ethics of my profession of Gestalt-practitioner by referring to the code of ethics of the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (FF2P), as well as that of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) .


And this in order to protect my patients and the effectiveness of the therapeutic work implemented.



The main rules of ethics are as follows:

  • I took a deep personal psychotherapy

  • I received theoretical and practical training in the field of psychology, psychopathology and a methodological approach in psychotherapy

  • My professional practice is subject to continuous supervision

  • I have the recognition of my peers in my practice

  • I adhere to a code of ethics and professional conduct which you can consult in detail here

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