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"As a Gestalt therapist, I support adults individually in their journey, to go through events as so many opportunities to grow, by connecting more deeply with themselves and in a more fluid adjustment to others."


I received in-depth training in Gestalt therapy at the Paris School of Gestalt (EPG), a training organization approved by the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (FF2P) as well as the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). 

EPG is a specialized institute from which I graduated from after 5 years of training, following a selection which confirms my level of study but also the balance and maturity of my personality, after the prerequisite of a deep personal psychotherapy. The training I received there is both theoretical, methodological and practical.


Personally I have had various therapeutic experiences which have supported and deeply transformed me. I had previously followed a psychoanalysis that would strengthen my capacity for 4 years to question the obvious, to perceive myself with more clairvoyance.

Then another 5-year psychotherapy, this time with psycho-bodily orientation, which would restore the place of the body, sensations and emotions in my life. Allowing me to perceive myself more as I am and in the same movement to welcome the other as he is. These experiences feed my outlook on life today, and it is with gratitude to these moments of therapy that I put this experience at the service of those I accompany in my therapeutic practice.

My initial background is a Master of Science in Management at EM Lyon School and then a long experience in multiple companies (10 years in large companies and startups).

I have perceived the corporate world in a wide variety of facets, whether it is a source of structure, fulfillment, meaning and development or at times blockages, which can cause suffering and even stiffle the joy of living. This has extended my range of life experiences, which I put today at the service of the people I work with.


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